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For the Motorcycle Enthusiast ... Dyno Charts
Why Dyno Testing?

San Jose BMW has long been recognized as the source for straightforward information and solutions in the perplexing domain of BMW motorcycle performance modifications.

We take pride in the results of our extensive research and testing to find out what REALLY works for the BMW performance enthusiast. We recognize the reality that a factory BMW motorcycle performs quite well right out of the crate, and it is truly a challenge to find real world improvements without sacrificing reliability and rideability of your BMW.
Chart 1:
Chart 2:
Chris Hodgson, President and chief tuner for San Jose BMW has been deeply involved with BMW’s for 30 years. Chris believes that dyno testing is the only REAL way to determine whether or not a modification is truly creating enhanced performance.

Many aftermarket performance manufacturers make unverified claims for drastic gains; however we have yet to find anyone with more real world experience in the BMW performance market. If you have an aftermarket performance modification on your BMW, let us dyno test it at no charge to you to verify that your expectations were met when you purchased the product. If not, we can likely make it better for you. But we are always looking for the best solutions, so if you know about a product that really works, tell us about it and we will be happy to verify the results.

We have invested the time, capital and resources to find out, simply, what works for your BMW. That’s all we do, and we do it better than anyone else. The results are here, and available to you for free. If you have any questions on how Dyno Charts work please contact us at chris@sjbmw.com.
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